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Our Personal Finance Software has just got even better. This  program is a fully functional money manager designed to help with your personal finances. It allows you to monitor your Bank Accounts and any other savings and loans and set spending targets. It can update your accounts with any automatic transfers you have setup and supports multi-currency transactions. This Program allows you to monitor and therefore control your finances with ease. All areas are easy to understand with no accountancy jargon in sight.


Pricing : Free 60 day trial after which registration costs just US $ 21.99 (approx 14.99 or 16.99)
- Pricing subject to exchange rate fluctuations

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Break Alert 1.00

Help minimize eye strain when using your computer with this handy program that reminds you when it is time to take a break. This program is free for private / non commercial use.


Graphics Viewer 1.20

A .bmp and .jpg graphics viewer and slideshow program available on a try before you buy basis. Program allows viewing of programs in full screen mode and can also display pictures as a slideshow with a user defined delay between picture changes

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