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What's new in version 6.002
Version 6.002 contains a small number of fixes for bugs that have been found since the release of version 6.00. These fixes include a fix for an incorrect system date change warning and an error in the monthly status report. It is recommended that you upgrade to this new version. You can download this version from our downloads page
Getting Error Message "Automatic Transactions not run for 6 months - check system date is correct - Aborting Autotransactions"
This message can be caused by a bug when checking system date against last Automatic Transaction run date.  Please upgrade to version 6.0002 to fix this bug.  If you continue to  receive this error message after you have installed version 6.002, please check your system date and if system date is correct please contact our Support Team
What's new in version 6.00
Many things. Please see the what's new section for full details
I have forgotten my password, what should I do?
On the login screen click on the forgotten password button and follow the onscreen instructions.'
What files should I backup?
When you run Bank Account Tracking the location of your data files is given at the bottom of the main screen. You should back up that entire folder
I am rebuilding my PC, how should I go about putting Bank Account Tracking back on?
Install Bank Account Tracking using the normal setup files from our download area. Run the program and let it go through setting up new data files in the area you would like them to be. You can then restore you data files over the new files you have created
Note: You do not need to re-register Bank Account Tracking. Registration status will be recovered when you restore your data files
Will Version 6.00 work in Windows 9x or ME?
We are not aware of any major issues running Bank Account Tracking Version 6.xx in Windows 9x or ME.The program has not been heavily tested in those operating systems and we no longer support Bank Account Tracking running on those operating systems
Should I upgrade to Windows Vista before upgrading to Bank Account Tracking 6.00?
We strongly recommend upgrading to Bank Account Tracking 6.00 before upgrading to Windows Vista or Windows 7.
Will you still support version 5.xx?
We will continue to support 5.xx until March 2010. Version 5.xx is not compatible with Windows 7, Bank Account Tracking version 6.00 and above are fully Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatible so we really recommend you make the move to version 6.00
The following menus are greyed out and no longer work, Close Account, Edit/Delete Cost Code, Create Currency, Delete Currency, Create Users, Delete Uses, etc. What is going on?
These features are only available to login user IDs that have been set up with the Admin Security Level. If you login as someone with a "norm" security level these features are disabled. If you login using a username with "admin" security level all the options will be available again

What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy: As this software comes with a free 60 day trial before any registration is required, we will not give refunds for the program not meeting your needs as you have been given 60 days usage to discover this before buying it. Therefore we only refund a registration purchase in exceptional circumstances.
I have moved address how do I tell you about it?
Registered customer should complete the update my details form

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